Commercial Electrical Contractor In Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Area Commercial Electrical Contractor

When you work with a commercial electrical contractor, your business gains the benefit of an expert that understands the needs of a business. With John J. Pempek, a Palos Heights commercial electrical company, you get professional and experienced electrical contractors who will do the job right without causing downtime or delays to your everyday business schedule.

Contact us or call us at (708) 361-1265 when you need a commercial electrical contractor in Chicago for a planned project or an unexpected problem.

Work With Professionals at Pempek 

Many companies have negative encounters with contractors, experiencing unprofessional service, inferior workmanship and project delays. These problems can happen when you work with a company that is missing practical knowledge in commercial projects.

You'll have a different experience when you work with the Chicago electrical contractors at John J. Pempek. Our commercial electrical contractors in Chicago, IL, have the proficiency to provide the top-notch quality needed for the commercial level. 

We also understand that you need to get on with your business. You can't afford to wait until the project is complete. Since we understand this concept, we can perform an "active remodel" that allows you to continue with your business while we are working on your electrical project.

Whether or not you want to stay open during our electrical work, we will stay on schedule to get you back to your regular business operations as soon as possible. We always ensure a safe working area for your customers and employees. 

Our Electrical Contractor Services for Businesses

The professional electrical contractors at Pempek can perform a wide variety of electrical services for your business. We have the expertise to work on your current building or a new construction project.

Count on our commercial contractors to perform a variety of electrical installation services. We can install lighting fixtures in your building or in a parking lot. We work with power distribution and uninterruptible power supplies. Our Chicago commercial electrical contractors can install power systems for data centers and HVAC connections. These are just a few of our many installation services.

We also complete service work for any type of business or organization, no matter what kind of space you function within. Our Chicago commercial electrical contractors work in restaurants, retail buildings, industrial spaces, office buildings, religious structures, rental housing and many other commercial spaces. 

Just let us know about your particular building and your needs, and we can provide you with a clearer picture of the services we offer for your business or organization.

Ready for Chicago Electrical Contractors to Come to Your Business?

At John J. Pempek, we serve the Chicago area from our base in Palos Heights, Illinois. If your business is ready to start an electrical project with minimal downtime or interruptions from us, contact us or call us at (708) 361-1265 to get started. Call anytime — our around-the-clock customer service team is ready for your call.