Chicago Electrical Control Integration

Control Integration

Today's industrial facilities are relying on technology in an even greater measure than they have in the past. Control integration allows that technology to be integrated directly into the system, so that your facility can automate and streamline with minimal struggle. Over time, however, these systems become outdated or worn out, creating a safety risk for your workers and putting the integrity of your operations at risk.

Pempek's comprehensive electric integration control services will help your industrial facility implement a control system that is the ideal fit for your needs. From design and integration to maintenance and even upgrading existing systems, our knowledgeable electricians will be able to provide you with a system that you need for more efficient, more intuitive work processes.

Programming for Your Systems 

Integrated systems require regular programming to function properly. For example, a programmable logic control system, or PLC, can run repeatedly after it is programmed, automating the processes at your facility. When your PLC needs to be programmed or re-programmed, trust Pempek to do the job quickly, so you can get back to work. We also offer programming services for touch-screen systems in industries of all types. With the proper programming from our team of qualified electricians, these systems can be a true asset to your business. 

Controls for Specific Industrial Processes

Industrial processes rely on monitoring systems to keep their products at the right levels and temperatures. These systems need to be properly installed and maintained to ensure that they are always working as they should. Pempek has experience with kettle controls, motors and temperature monitoring. Our technicians can handle tank level monitoring and temperature control systems to ensure these levels always where they should be. This protects both your workers and your product. 

We have also worked with industrial facilities to install and maintain bulk systems and batching for both liquid and powder. No matter what type of facility you operate or what type of product you are mixing and creating, our electrical contractors can ensure that the controls and systems that monitor these processes are fully functional.

The goal of each of these electrical control devices is to protect the product or solution being created automatically, rather than relying on a human to monitor the system. This eliminates human error and lessens the chances of wasted materials. By handling these processes with a properly installed and maintained control system, you can streamline your operations, improve your profit margin and minimize the amount of waste at your facility. 

Creative Solutions to Keep Your Facility Running 

Pempek specializes in finding solutions that can be implemented with minimal downtime at your facility. Whether we are upgrading your programmable controllers or upgrading the entire control system, our team will do everything possible to keep you up and running, working during slower periods or holiday downtimes to minimize shutdowns. Once the system is installed and functioning, we will work as an extension of your maintenance staff to keep it running as it should. Contact Pempek today to learn more about our control integration services and how they can update and automate your industrial facility's operations.

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