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Instrumentation Devices And Wiring

No matter what industry your facility is targeting or the type of product you are creating, one of the keys to creating an excellent product with consistency is the ability to measure with precision. Whether you are measuring the pH of a liquid, the conductivity of a metal or simply the level of fluid in a vat, you need accurate measurement each and every time. Proper instrumentation devices ensure that you have that information, and Pempek is here to help you install and maintain those devices.

Instrumentation Devices for All Applications

At Pempek, our experienced industrial electricians can help you with instrumentation devices to measure levels, pressure, flow, temperature, pH, Brix, conductivity and position. From the most basic to the most intricate devices, we have the knowledge to install, replace or implement these tools to improve your facility's final product. If you are in the market for a new device, we can help you select the industry's leading products to ensure an accurate measurement each and every time.

Our goal is to help you create and maintain a system that is safe and effective. If that means re-wiring your existing electrical instrumentation devices, we will do that. If it means upgrading or changing out your existing device for something that functions better or provides greater accuracy, we will do that too. The end result is a system that will monitor itself effectively and provide the necessary readings you need for a quality finished product.

Wiring for Instrumentation Devices from Qualified Industrial Electrical Contractors 

By partnering with Pempek’s electricians for your instrumentation device needs, you benefit from a team of qualified industrial electrical contractors. We will handle the installation and wiring for you, so the device will be fully functional and safe to use.

Minimizing Downtime while Maximizing Efficiency

Our contractors work closely with your team to ensure that your instrumentation devices can be installed in a way that minimizes downtime for your business. We will partner with your maintenance and engineering staff to provide our services at times that are convenient for you, to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of your facility. 

Your facility demands accurate measurements, and those measurements come from your instrumentation devices. When they need a little support, trust Pempek to provide that help. Contact us today to discuss your instrumentation and electrical wiring needs, and let us help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of your facility.

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