Commercial Lighting Electrician In Chicago

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are vital to the success of your business. Without the right lighting system in place, your employees will not have the proper visibility to do their jobs well, and your customers will not be able to see to make their purchases. Lighting even affects your state's safety regulations. When your business needs a new light fixture installation or help repairing the fixtures you have, trust the team at Pempek to do the job well.

Installing and Supplying Fixtures of All Types

Commercial lighting fixtures need the service of a licensed commercial electrical contractor who has the knowledge to get it right the first time. When you need lighting installation, Pempek can come alongside and help with personal, professional care that gets the job done quickly. Our goal is to minimize downtime so you can enjoy your new lighting system installation with minimal delays. 

When you are choosing new lighting fixtures for your property, we can help every step of the way. From the initial selection process and lighting system planning to the moment the switch is flipped and you walk into a well-lit office building, you will have the best help from knowledgeable electricians. Our team will even provide the supplies, such as lamps and ballasts, that you need to keep your lights functional. 

Ongoing Service for Commercial Lighting Installation

Installing commercial lighting fixtures is just the first step in ensuring that your business remains adequately lit. You also need to maintain those lights. Maintaining lighting in commercial buildings is not always easy. The height of the buildings combined with their complexity often requires professional help. Whether you need new ballasts, new lamps or something else, our electrical technicians will service your lighting fixtures, ensuring that you get a full life out of them. 

Stay Compliant with Proper Exit and Emergency Lighting

In addition to helping with overhead lighting, Pempek's electrical team is ready to help your business with emergency and exit lighting system installation, so you can stay compliant with your state's safety regulations. If you need to install new emergency or exit lighting, we will ensure that it is done properly, so your employees and customers are safe and your company is protected from liability.

No matter what your lighting needs are, the professional, knowledgeable electricians at Pempek are the experts you want on your side. Whether you are building a new location, remodeling your existing one or simply looking to improve the lighting without a major remodel, our technicians will put the needs of your business first. We specialize in helping active remodels and repairs, so that your business can stay open while we service, repair or replace your lighting. Let us show you the difference that the right electrician can make in your business's lighting. 

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