Electrical Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Your Machinery and Process Equipment is at the Heart of Your Operations

When it comes to electrical equipment installation and electrical equipment maintenance, you won't find a more experienced company than John J. Pempek, Inc. We install, repair, maintain, modify, and interface machines from any manufacturer in the world.

John J. Pempek electrical machineryWe can perform electrical equipment installation, relocation, troubleshooting, and maintenance on a wide variety of machines and process equipment. With a diverse background in serving a number of industries for the past 50 years, we have the experience and resources to keep your plant up and running at its best.

Whether you need electrical equipment installation for a new line, to relocate a process line inside your plant or across the country, or to ensure good working order with electrical equipment maintenance in Chicago, John J. Pempek, Inc. will exceed your needs and expectations. Learn More

24/7 Emergency Response

Factories cannot produce during a breakdown. That's why John J. Pempek, Inc. responds promptly for industrial machinery maintenance and repairs to restore production for our clients. Whether you call during the middle of the night or the middle of the day, our live service representatives will immediately respond to your needs without teleprompting, answering machines, or voice mail. When you need electrical equipment installation or maintenance, you'll always reach a real person who will dispatch our trained service personnel to get your plant back in production.

Industrial Machinery Services

We supplement our own expertise, knowledge, and experience by consulting with the manufacturer's engineers directly for electrical machinery service, installation, restoration, and repair, offering:

  • Electrical equipment installation
  • System backup
  • Batching control
  • Safety systems
  • Frequency and voltage conversions
  • Cycle rate adjustment
  • Flow rate adjustment
  • Speed adjustment
  • Adding and modifying drives and motors
  • Program modification
  • Electrical equipment maintenance
  • Component replacements and upgrades

PLC Backup Service

Anyone victimized by a computer crash knows how painful and expensive it can be. Businesses backup corporate level data and operating systems daily, some even hourly, but often have no backup at all for plant floor operating systems. Don't wait until a machine stops to find out the only copy of your system control routine is lost.

A vast majority of industrial equipment contains devices with custom programming or function-specific setup variables. When these components fail, the default factory programming on the replacement items will not correctly control your equipment.

Recreating this information from scratch takes time and results in significant production losses. John J. Pempek, Inc. provides archival management and restoration of PLC, controller, and motor drive programming information as a standalone source or by interfacing with your in-house IS and IT departments.

We use our specialized knowledge of industrial control systems to extract and record the correct data from existing undocumented or under-documented systems. This allows the quick return of equipment to operation after an electronic systems failure or replacement.

You can limit services to one controller or machine or encompass your entire facility. Recorded items include:

  • Variable speed drives
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Touchscreen displays (panelviews)
  • Temperature controllers
  • Chart recorders
  • Batch controllers
  • Servo controllers
  • SCADA computer software
  • Process displays
  • Smart relays

Electronic Equipment Maintenance

We provide industrial machinery service for all of today’s leading machines, including:

  • Packaging
    • Nippon Seiki – Dangen
    • Pneumatic Scale
    • DoBoy
    • ACASI
    • Cryovac
    • Phoenix Engineering
    • Triangle Package Machinery
    • Standard Knapp
    • Bemis
    • E-Pak
    • Mateer Burt
    • Anzu Technologies
    • MRM Elgin Fillers
  • Process
    • EMI
    • Artisand
    • Osborn
    • Stephan
    • Groen
    • Flexweigh
    • Specialty Eng. & Equipment Co., Inc.
    • Farrel Banbury
    • Tyco Heat Trace
    • Silverson
    • GEI Collet
    • Wheelabrator
  • Automation equipment
    • Allen Bradley
      • SLC
      • PLC
      • Control Logix
      • Power Flex
    • Square D
      • Modicon
      • Telemechnique
    • Omron
    • Automation Direct
    • Koyo
    • Ez-Automation
    • Siemens
    • Flexweigh
    • Rice Lake

Give us a call today at (708) 361-1265 or fill out our contact form. With 24-hour customer service, we can give you the information you need for your installation or electrical equipment maintenance project, no matter when you need it.