PLC Backup

Your programmable logic controller (PLC) does practically all of the thinking for your automated systems. If it’s out of commission, you are too. Even the most reliable systems can fail for a number of reasons, including power surges and natural disasters. This is why it makes sense to do a backup of your PLC in order to restore service as quickly as possible following an outage. Having a PLC backup done means you’ll be able to bring your equipment back online much faster than you otherwise would. As the recognized leader in commercial and industrial electrical contracting throughout the Chicago suburbs, Pempek is your go-to source for PLC programming services including backups. We have the expertise and experience necessary to create a copy of your programs, ensuring that you can quickly get your systems up and running again. 

What Is a PLC Backup?

Your PLCs are dedicated computers that run a specific piece of equipment or system. Because they are built and programmed to serve one very specialized function, they are more robust and dependable than options that rely on PC-based controls. However, this also means that replacing one is more complicated than simply sourcing a new CPU. The software you use is likely very closely tied to your unique processes and procedures. This is where PLC programming solutions can be lifesavers. As part of the backup procedure, technicians copy all the relevant files and configurations from the device to an external source. That way, those elements can be copied over to a new unit in the event of a failure.

Why Consider Backing Up Your PLC?

There are a number of reasons why backing up your PLC makes sense. These include:

  • Upgrading — When you need to upgrade your equipment, you may want to have an archived version of your PLCs ready to go after the newer units are installed.
  • Productivity — You can reduce the risk of downtime cutting into your productivity with a backup. Rather than waiting for a new unit to be installed and reprogrammed, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and come back online right away.
  • Saving money — The added expense of reprogramming a new controller can be avoided if you already have the programs you need on file. 

Why Choose Pempek?

We have led the industry in Chicagoland for more than 70 years. The know-how and skill our technicians bring to the table is virtually unmatched by our competitors. This means we are your go-to source for practically anything your PLCs require, including backups. For more information about our capabilities or to make an appointment, get in touch with us today.