Service Upgrades

More than ever, modern business depends on advanced technology. Unfortunately, many commercial properties don’t have the infrastructure in place to support it. Buildings that predate the Internet were constructed with older, less energy-intensive equipment in mind. This means they may have difficulty supplying enough power to the high-performance machinery and controls of today. Fortunately, Pempek has the expertise and the skill necessary to perform an electrical panel upgrade that can bring your facility into the 21st century. Our electrical panel replacement services will give your business the ability to keep up with the march of progress, while ensuring you’ll always have enough power for every need.

What Does a Panel Upgrade Entail?

Your facility’s panel is its nerve center. From it, electricity flows out to run all the vital machines and computers you depend upon to serve your customers. Depending on when your panel was installed, it may not be capable of handling the full load you require, making a service panel upgrade necessary. Updating your electrical panel typically involves determining what size you need, installing wiring that is up to code and ensuring the new panel is properly connected and grounded. It’s a complicated job and changing an electrical panel should only be performed by fully trained and experienced professionals.

Why Upgrade Your Panel?

There are many reasons a new panel may be a good investment for your company. These include:

  • Modernization — It will ensure that your business has the ability to take advantage of the most advanced equipment and maintain your technological edge.
  • Compliance — Regulations and codes regarding electrical usage change frequently. Even if you were in compliance 10 years ago, you may not be now.
  • Safety — Having enough power for your building reduces the risk of safety incidents caused by unexpected shutdowns and insufficient lighting.
  • Productivity — When you have the right amount of energy supplied to your facility, you can be sure you’ll get the most out of your processes and experience less downtime.

Why Choose Pempek?

We’ve been the leading electrical contractors throughout the Chicagoland for more than 70 years. We’re your single source for services related to your commercial or industrial building’s electricity needs because no one else offers as much as we do. Our shop has the capabilities to build and install practically any electrical system or component to fulfill your requirements. Thanks to the skills and expertise of our highly trained technicians, you can rest assured that your new electrical panel will deliver the best possible performance. For more information about what we can do for your business, fill out our contact form or call us at 708-361-1265.