Sugar Dissolving Systems

Your Machinery and Process Equipment is at the Heart of Your Operations

One of the most crucial components of many food and beverage production facilities is the sugar dissolving system. This equipment needs to operate at peak performance to ensure that the precise amount of sweetener is added to products. There’s no better partner for keeping these essential systems functioning smoothly than John J. Pempek, Inc. Our extensive expertise as an industrial electrical contractor allows us to provide the service you need, when you need it.

With our expert technicians servicing your sugar dissolver, you can have peace of mind knowing your facility will experience little to no downtime due to outages or malfunctions. We offer complete, cost-effective installation, repair, maintenance and relocation capabilities to keep you in compliance with all relevant codes in your area. Without a competent electrical contractor servicing your systems, you could be in violation and run the risk of fines or even a temporary shutdown.

What We Can Do For You

Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of continuous sugar dissolving systems, we have the necessary expertise to provide you with complete services for your equipment. From the sugar dissolving tank to the conveying system, we know what is required to keep the electrical components of this vital equipment in dependable working order. We have numerous customers throughout the food and beverage industry who count on us to provide comprehensive services.

When you choose Pempek, you can rest assured our highly qualified professionals will be able to address virtually any electrical problem or issue affecting your equipment. We have the know-how to install, repair, maintain or relocate sugar dissolving systems throughout your facilities. But we also go beyond the basics, providing full optimization support to help these machines function more efficiently and updating older equipment when necessary. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Why Choose Pempek?

Since 1947, we’ve established our company as a leader in electrical services to industries throughout Chicagoland. Through three generations of leadership and countless changes to the contracting landscape, we’ve remained at the forefront. That’s due in large part to our ability to respond to virtually all your facility’s electrical needs. We can be your one-stop shop for service, installation and maintenance, and our turn-key capabilities mean your project will always be in good hands. 

We approach every job with the highest standards of quality, professionalism and courtesy. We provide full transparency throughout the entire process, so you’ll never be in the dark about the status of your project. You count on the machines in your facility to be dependable, and we can help ensure they will be. When you’re ready to learn more about our services, reach out to us at 708-361-1265 or via our online contact form.