Electrical Equipment Installation In Chicago

Heavy electrical machinery and equipment form the backbone of so many industrial and commercial processes. Given how vital they are to your business, you can’t trust them to just anyone. When you need to install or relocate essential machinery at your facilities, you must be confident it will be in the hands of qualified, experienced professionals.

For decades, Pempek has been a leader in electrical equipment installation services and relocation, and we have the experience necessary to ensure the smoothest deployment in many situations. Whether you have new machines that need to be integrated into your systems or want to move your existing equipment to a new location, look no further than Pempek to handle it all.

Why Experience Matters

Electrical machinery installation and equipment relocation are complex processes that require significant expertise to handle correctly. Most of the machines used in processing facilities, factories and other similar environments need to be treated with care and know-how in order to perform at the high levels required of them.

The people responsible for providing electrical machinery relocation services need to know the equipment inside and out because they must understand the best methods for modifying and integrating it into systems featuring machines from various manufacturers. The slightest mistake during any of these processes can cascade into serious problems for your plant or facility, resulting in costly downtime and hurting your ability to serve your customers.

Virtually no one has more experience dealing with industrial and commercial electrical work than we do. This makes us your go-to source for electrical equipment relocation and installation. Our customer base represents a wide variety of industries, from material handling to automation to packaging. This broad experience gives us a wealth of knowledge for handling capital expansions, plant relocations, shutdowns, new construction and more. We’ve been serving the marketplace since 1947 and our longevity speaks for itself.

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Whether you’re building from scratch, expanding your capabilities or trying to boost your overall efficiency, we have the skills and the muscle to help you get the job done right. If you’re ready to find out why we’ve been an industry leader for more than 70 years, contact our knowledgeable representatives today. Call Pempek at 708-361-1265 to learn what we can do for you.

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